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Welding is an important part of bodywork and auto repair. Knowing how to weld and doing it well is not so much a talent as it is an art form. Having the hands and patience to lay a steady bead is crucial to a high quality repair. Having clean welds is so much faster to work with and grind on patch panels and other repairs compared to weld blobs. This is why US Auto Supply sells the best automotive welding tools and equipment in the business.

We have the best auto body welding supplies and accessories for your shop or garage to tackle any welding project. Whether you are trying to patch a quarter panel on a '68 Camaro or weld a new bracket on a frame, we have exactly what you need. Our line of welders includes Firepower MIG welders, Lincoln Electric Stick and MIG welders and Mag-Power TIG welders. With so many types and brands of welding systems, you can expect the best in durability and adjustability in the industry. Welding steel and aluminum will be no sweat.

If you need a welding helmet, welding wire, welding rods, clamps or stapler replacement clips, we have what you need. We even carry a full line of plasma cutters to make cutting through body panels, frames or other pieces of metal a piece of cake. Wearing eye protection and a quality welding helmet will help keep you safe and we carry the best safety gear to keep you welding for years.

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