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3M™ Performance Spray Gun
Technicians can spray from either a pressurized source or a gravity cup. The pressure-fed hose and nozzles allow for continuous bulk spraying for larger jobs or for small areas, convert the spray gun to use the 3M™ PPS™ Series 2.0 Spray Cup System.

The Rail Saver
Repairs rails fast, from the inside out. Don't spend time drilling and cutting access holes only to weld them back together.
No heat necessary! Repairs rails up to 27" deep. 4 tons of surface pressure with 1.9" expansion.

Spin Doctor Foam Pad Cleaning Tool
Rotating paddle blasts away heavily loaded or dried and caked on compound.

Saves hours of time by cleaning the pad while it is on the buffer and quickly cleans heavily loaded or clogged pads both wet and dry!

3M™ Perfect-It
quickly and completely removes ultrafine swirl marks, even on difficult dark-colored vehicles. It stays wet longer, letting you use less material for a refined finish - all at lower material costs and process times.

Mr. Frogger Sanitizing Machine
The Killer Tools Mr. Fogger Sanitizing Machine effectively sanitizes an entire office/seating area, vehicles and shop equipment in minutes! No need to wipe when using Bioesque disinfectant solution.

Steck Panel Tree
The center post design of this stand allows access to the edge, bottom and both sides of the panel.
It loads easily and quickly allowing you to paint panels, jambs and car all at one time.

EZ Flex Bench Bumper Stand
This bench does it all! It can adapt to hold any part that is painted off of the vehicle. Holds up to 220 lbs.

AluSpot Aluminum Dent Repair System
Everything you need for aluminum repair within easy reach in a self-contained system.

Dentfix Aluspot Deluxe DF 900DX
Tools lock away so they don't get lost or become contaminated with steel particles!

Hot Stapler Plastic Repair Deluxe Kit
Bumper and plastic repair innovation - reinforce and fix broken tabs, splits, cracks, & rips.

Door Skin Tool by Astro Pneumatic
Rolls the steel flanges over with a minimum of physical effort. Leaves the flange smooth without unsightly ripples.

The Wing Thing Installation
Easy instruction on installation. This stand makes repairing and painting loose parts faster and easier than ever!

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