The Sidewinder Crevice Tool

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Have you always struggled, trying to find the right tool to get in all those hard to reach to places? Dead bugs in the back window, french fries, deep between the seats?

There is nothing better than the Sidewinder Crevice Tool to help you fix these troublesome areas!

  • 2 tip options (easily remove one to expose the other)
  • Verticle and Horizontal tip options
  • 24 inch total length
  • Fully Flexible from end to end
  • Fits any of the other Fur eel an Hammerhead adapters
  • Durable, poly carbonate construction

1 Sidewinder Crevice Tool
* Adapts perfectly to most vacuums, with its 1 1/2 inch outside diameter, 1 3/8 inch inside diameter and the included 1 1/4 inch adapter also.

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